Are they real pearls?

All of our pearls are cultured pearls, and yes they are 100% real, fresh from the oyster. Greater than 99% of pearls today are cultured and it is extremely rare to find a naturally occuring pearl. And yes, the price difference between the two is enormous. 

Are pearls only natural colours?

Pearls come in a large variety of colours, many are dyed with an organic dye whilst they are growing in the oyster to achieve their dynamic colours. Also many are a la natural which means that no dye has been added. These are classic pearls. 

How to care for your pearls:

Pearls are extremely precious and require care in order to continue to have a  beautiful lustre. There is an age old saying in the pearl industry.. Pearls should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off. Always be sure to put your pearls on after putting on make up, perfume and moisturisers. 

Best practice is to wipe your pearls each night before you put them away with a dry lint free cloth. If you find they are not as bright as they usually are they can be gently washed in a warm mild soap solution, Ivory flakes are perfect. Never, ever use harsh chemicals, they will damage the nacre of the pearl. 

Storing in a soft bag or a part of your jewellery box away from other pieces will see them kept at their best.